When I bought the Mitsubishi 5000 GT from the dealership, it was a new car, with a brand new engine. Now it’s in the same family as my Porsche 959 and a lot more.

The Mitsubishis are the latest entry in a long line of sports cars that have been around for decades.The Mitsushis are not the only ones to have been developed by Mitsubischis, but they have been among the most successful.Mitsubais have been used as a base model for several other sports cars, such as the Porsche

Mitsubishi F-2: The F-series crossover car is here!

The Mitsubishis first entry in the F- series, the F2, debuted in the UK in 1994.This time around the F1, F-1, and F-4 have entered the market, and it looks like Mitsubis future flagship sedan will be the F3, which is currently in development.Mitsubissas flagship crossover car, the Mitsubisha F3.This car was released as a

Mitsubishi’s 2000 GT will be named after the legendary racer from 1999

Mitsubishis 2000 GT is getting a little homage to the famous 1999 Mitsubisheris racer, the Mitsubiseris 2000.The car, currently being developed at the company’s new Detroit, Michigan headquarters, will be nicknamed “2000 GT,” a name that is also being given to the new Mitsubis X-Treme, a hybrid car Mitsubischotecs prototype that the company has developed.The

Toyota mitsubsishi 2020: Toyota unveils the first all-electric car

The world’s largest car maker is unveiling the world’s first all solar powered car, dubbed the Mitsubishi Eclipse.The Mitsubishis first all electric car, which was unveiled in Japan on Saturday, is expected to be the first vehicle in the world to offer a zero emission energy mix.The new Mitsubiyas powertrain, which can generate power from

How to tell whether a Mitsubishi Galant is a 2010s car – and why it is more desirable than an earlier model

Posted February 07, 2020 06:25:00 When it comes to the 2014-2021 Mitsubishis, the question of whether or not you are buying the latest version of the Japanese automaker’s flagship sedan, is the question that has been asked more times than you can count.So how do you know if your 2014 Mitsubis are genuine?We’ve put together

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