When a Mitsubishi Outlander was stolen, the owner had to pay to have it returned

Posted April 04, 2020 17:19:46When a Mitsaburgis Outlander stolen from a Detroit dealership was recovered by a couple in California, the dealership refused to return it.

The story of how the vehicle ended up in the hands of the thieves was the subject of a podcast that aired on Tuesday.

In the podcast, which was recorded by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, the couple that purchased the Outlander and used it to go on vacation for the weekend said they were concerned the vehicle was being used for criminal activity.

The couple told the podcast host they contacted the dealership and were told to keep the car in a locked storage room for two weeks.

They also were told the vehicle would be returned to them, but only after the couple paid to have the vehicle repaired and shipped back to Detroit.

The dealership refused, telling them the vehicle could be returned only if the couple gave the dealership a $1,000 credit for the repair, which they did not.

The pair said the dealership then called the police to ask for the owner’s name, address and telephone number, as well as the name of the car.

The police did not respond to the phone call, and police did return the car to the couple.

A Mitsubishishi dealership refused the vehicle’s return, claiming the car was not registered and that the owners of the vehicle were not authorized to sell it, according to a story published on Tuesday in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Mitsubishes, who are from Michigan, told the newspaper that they contacted police to file a complaint about the theft and that they were told it would be reported to the Michigan Attorney General.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” one of the owners told the Chronicle.

“The dealer didn’t care about us.”

The owner told the San Jose Mercury News that the dealership did not tell them they had to report the theft to the attorney general.

The dealership did say it would contact the police department to file the report, according the paper.

The owners have since filed a civil lawsuit against Mitsubis dealership.

“Mitsubishis are supposed to protect their customers and the customers deserve to be protected,” said Melissa Brown, a San Jose attorney representing the couple in the lawsuit.

The owner of the Outlanders was not able to be reached for comment.

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