Which Japanese car maker is the best car maker in the world?

Japanese car makers mashes up luxury and performance, and Mitsubishi is no exception.

The company’s latest model is the Starion, which will be launched in Europe this month.

Its successor, the Starry, is expected to follow in May.

But it’s a car that will be sold primarily to high-end buyers.

In its launch presentation, Mitsubishis car chief Hiroshi Mikita said the Starions new car would be a “luxury car”.

Mitsubisheri’s top priority is the high-performance cars.

But that’s not the only thing it’s aiming for with its new Starion.

It’s also going to sell cars with some of the best driving dynamics in the industry.

In a recent press conference, Mikita told the assembled journalists that the Starys car is equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission and an automatic transmission with a manual mode.

That means that when you’re driving, the steering wheel is always in neutral.

And that means that the car can accelerate without being stuck in the gearbox.

The Starry has a six-speed manual transmission, too, with an automatic mode.

“In this situation, if we were to turn on automatic transmission, the driver would be in a situation where we couldn’t react,” Mikita explained.

“When you’re in a driving position, you would have to think about your next step.

In the future, you’ll be able to make the decision on your own, if you want to.”

The Starys’ five-cylinder engine produces 258 horsepower and 268 lb-ft of torque.

Its front and rear wheels have an average width of 55 inches, and it has an overall weight of 3,050 pounds.

Mitsubishes production lines in Japan are so massive that it takes four years to make a car like the Starries new model.

That makes it possible to build cars that can be produced quickly.

The cars can be mass produced and sold in less than a year, but it’s important to make sure the cars are built to Mitsubis own specifications.

Mitsu says the Starisons new model is an affordable alternative to some of its more expensive rivals.

But how do the cars fare in the real world?

The Staries first test drive will be held at the Tokyo Motor Show, which takes place this weekend.

After that, it will be on show in the US, Germany, and Italy.

And while the car is expected on show for another three weeks, Mitsu said the company plans to make more cars, including one with a high-tech rear-view camera.

In terms of practicality, the car’s designers say it will only be able be driven for a couple of hours at a time.

But the fact that Mitsubi can get cars out the door so quickly makes it feel like a luxury car, Mikitas said.

“It’s not a luxury, it’s just a practical car,” he said.

The new Starys will have the same design as the Starz models, with a new front grille, a new roof, and a new LED taillight.

The rear lights will be black, the front lights will feature red, and the headlights will feature a red light.

But Mitsubiss has also created a whole new exterior package.

“I think they have a great idea with the whole package, and they’ve created a new look for the car,” Mikito said.

But Mikita says that he’s not worried about the design of the car.

“What I’m worried about is that the design isn’t as simple as we want it to be,” he added.

“We’ve gone a bit beyond the simple, so I’m not sure if it’s the right approach to go for.”

The new car will be a hit Mitsubishing around the world

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