Which Japanese car maker should be sold?

Japan’s mitsubsishi gyoax, Japan’s top-selling carmaker, announced on Monday that it is ending its production of the Model S sedan in 2018 and plans to sell the vehicle only through an online sale.

The announcement comes amid continued turmoil at the Japanese automaker, which has been facing a series of recalls and scandals over safety and performance.

The Model S, which is already on sale for about $55,000 after a five-year limited warranty, has been a popular car for many Japanese who prefer a smaller car.

As of Friday, it had about 11.8 million registered owners, up from 10.4 million in 2014.

“The Model A is a wonderful vehicle.

I want to see more of it,” said Haruo Nakamura, a 55-year-old retiree who has owned the car since 2008.

Nakamura is the second person to announce a retirement from the Model A in a week.

A woman in Tokyo announced in December that she would be retiring after owning it for two decades.

A spokesperson for Mitsubishi said the company has no plans to make the Model E, which it has sold in Japan for more than two decades, a mass-produced sedan.

Earlier this year, Mitsubishis chief executive Takayuki Ito announced plans to phase out production of Model S cars and will instead focus on the Model X crossover.

Ito said the Model P crossover will debut next year, while Mitsubisha plans to start selling a smaller, smaller SUV called the Kaze.

Mitsubishi shares fell 1.5 percent to 1,936 yen, or about $15.50.

In October, Mitsushishis sales slipped to the lowest level in three years as its new, less-expensive Model Y sedan failed to meet expectations.

The Model Y was a more expensive car, but it had a more limited lineup, more fuel-efficient engines and more seating for its passengers.

This story was updated at 11:10 a.m.

PT on Monday.

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