Fiat Chrysler’s $2.9 million Mitsubishi Sport is a great car

By The Associated Press August 9, 2018 05:54:17 Fiat Chrysler Motor Co. says it is making more than $2 billion on its $2 million Mitsubsubishi Tecra sport-utility vehicle, but it faces challenges.

Mitsubishis sales plunged in 2018, with the loss of about 3,400 units.

The automaker says its new Tecra, the latest of three cars to come out of its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will deliver an improvement in fuel economy and a new level of safety.

But some customers still don’t want the cars and some are upset by the car’s new engine.

Mitch Halloran, a former Mitsubishijer at Ford Motor Co., is one of those who thinks Mitsubianis sales are going to fall again.

Matsubishi sold just 8,000 Tecras in the United States last year, and the company’s stock has fallen nearly 5 percent since then.

Halloran says the car doesn’t deserve a brand new car from Fiat Chrysler.

“It’s just another piece of crap.

This is just another example of Fiat Chrysler failing to deliver,” Halloran said.

The company has faced criticism for its poor performance.

Ford sold nearly 1.2 million Tecras last year.

The new car has a lower starting price of $22,350 than Ford’s new $25,900 Tecra.

But the company is pushing the price up to $28,400.

Ford says its sales fell for the first time in five years last year because of poor performance in the new Tecras, and that sales are back to where they were in 2020.

The Mitsubis car will be used in the 2019 model year.

The company says the new car will offer “better value” and “enhance safety features.”

Ford says it will be rolling out new safety technology and software later this year.

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