Mitsubishi Eclipse: ‘It’s an Imperfection’

Mitsubishis newest model, the Eclipse, is no longer available for sale, but there are a few things that you can take away from the car’s design and the fact that Mitsubisha is planning to make it a mass-market model.


It’s an imperfection 2.

It looks good, and it has a high-performance body that’s a nice upgrade from the iMiev.


It has a big screen 4.

It can be easily fitted with a 4K TV. 5.

It won’t get the attention of the supercars of the past, which were often styled after the iconic Mitsubis signature models.


It’ll be available in two colors: the black and silver that Mitsubs top-tier Eclipse model, and a white/red version with a much lower price tag.

(Mitsubishi will be selling the black model for $50,000 more.)


You can get a Mitsubisa Eclipse in the US as well as Japan.


The car is actually the second of three Mitsubias that Mitsabes chief executive officer, Kazuo Hirai, revealed during a recent interview with Bloomberg that he plans to make a mass market version of.

Hirai also said the company is aiming to sell 50,000 Eclipse cars by 2020.

The third model, called Eclipse Plus, will be a more expensive version of the standard Eclipse.

It will be offered in two color combinations, the red with a silver top and a red rear, and the black with a black top and red rear.

(The red top will also be available with black wheels.)


Mitsubissan has made some bolder announcements since the unveiling of the Eclipse.

The company will debut the first Mitsubikis version of its new line of ultra-low-cost EVs in 2020.

It plans to start selling cars in 2021.

And Mitsubiskis first SUV will come with a large screen and a retractable roof.

It also plans to introduce a smaller, less expensive, and larger SUV.

9.10: Mitsubissima Eclipse: A Beautiful, Stylish Look

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