Toyota announces 2018 GT-R and GT-S models, GT-E models, and more

Updated Feb. 11, 2019 09:58:38 Toyota has announced its new GT-Rs and GTs, as well as the 2019 GT-C, GT+ and GTE models.

The GT-M and GTM+ will be available in Japan on Feb. 12.

The GT-T will be on sale in Japan in 2019, the first of its kind to be produced in the country.

It’s priced at ¥1.6 million (about $1,600) and will be offered with the Sport and Turbo trim levels.

The new models come as a result of the launch of the 2018 GT model, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in January.

Toyota has made significant strides in the evolution of the GT-series, and now there are more GT models than ever.

The 2019 GT is available in both two-door and four-door variants.

The two-doors will offer performance, safety, handling, and a variety of advanced technologies.

The four-doors offer an array of new technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, active rear parking assist, adaptive cruise, and rearward collision avoidance.

The new models also include a wide array of powertrain options, including a 6.2-liter four-cylinder engine, a 6-speed manual transmission, and the standard-class GT2 all-wheel drive system.

Toyota is also adding a GT+ trim level, which features a wider array of features.

This new model is available for ¥2.3 million (more than $2,500) and offers a sportier interior, new technology and a wider range of powertrains.

The Premium trim level comes with more advanced technology, including active rearview camera, front-passenger airbag, rear-view camera with lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise.

The 2018 GT and GT+ are available with the GT2 package and the GT+ Turbo package, which brings some of the most advanced technologies to the new models.

Both the GT models and the Premium GT+ will also come with an all-new 6.3-liter V-8 engine.

The next generation of the Toyota GT model line will come out in 2019 with the new GT Sport, GTM, GT3, and GTC.

The Sport and the Turbo will be the highest-powered models in the GT lineup, with a maximum output of 550 hp and 646 lb-ft of torque.

The Turbo will also be the first new model in the lineup to come with a 6L90 V-6 engine, which is the same engine that powers the new Toyota GT40.

The Sport and Premium GT models will also feature a range of new powertrain choices, including the 6L70 engine, 6L92 V-12 engine, and 6L97 V-10 engine.

The 6L100 is the only other new engine in the line, but it is powered by a turbocharged gasoline engine.

Both are offered in a turbo-charged form, with the 6C100 turbocharged and the 6S100 diesel turbocharged.

The EcoBoost 2.0 technology is a turbocharger upgrade that adds additional fuel to the turbochargers, which makes the engines more powerful.

Both the Premium and the Sport models come with new technologies.

This is the first time that a turbo engine is added to a new model, and Toyota says it will improve the fuel economy of the new model by up to 22 percent.

The turbochargors will also provide better power-to-weight ratios, which improves the car’s handling.

The Premium and Premium + GT models also come in the standard version, which has more advanced technologies, including lane-keeping assist, active cruise control and adaptive parking.

The standard GT models come in both the Sport+ and Premium models.

The 2017 GT was a limited-production car with only 600 units sold.

Toyota said that the 2019 model will have 500 GTs produced.

The company will also introduce a new all-season model, the GT3 (GT3), in 2020.

The current GT model also has a turbo V-7 engine, as does the 2018 model, but the new turbocharged V-5 is rated at 800 horsepower and 800 lb-feet of torque and will make the car a much more powerful car.

The Toyota GT4 is expected to be the last GT model in production.

Toyota will discontinue production of the car, but that won’t affect its ability to sell GTs in Japan.

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