Which Mitsubishi Eclipse 1999 Mitsubishis will you buy?

Posted September 02, 2019 09:07:06The Mitsubis are back with another new generation of the Mitsubisha, and this time, they have a brand new car in the works.

Mitsubashis Eclipse 1999 was launched in the USA back in September 1999.

This year, Mitsubasaki is rolling out the Eclipse 2000 GT, and it’s a completely new model, albeit one that was already outfitted with the latest version of the Eclipse engine.

This Mitsubasa Eclipse 2000 is a four-door sedan, with an all-wheel drive system and a 5.5L turbocharged V8 engine that delivers 350hp and 470 lb-ft of torque.

It also has a new 5 speed manual transmission, with a tachometer reading of 3,600rpm and a torque rating of 530Nm.

The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, and the rear axle is matted to a 5-speed.

The car has a power-to-weight ratio of 7.4, and that’s with the rear wheels on.

It has a claimed fuel consumption of 13.1mpg, a claimed EPA fuel economy of 27mpg.

It’s powered by a Mitsubo LS2 V8 that produces 505hp and 456lb-ft, which means it’s also rated at 45.8mpg highway and 31mpg city.

Mitsubishas Eclipse 2000 will be available with both an all new design and the previous version of this Eclipse.

There are two options for this car, a standard model and a sport version.

The standard model will come with a three-speed manual transmission.

The sport model is equipped with the same six-speaker audio system as the standard model, and will be priced at $20,999.

The Mitsubaki Eclipse 2000, which will be equipped with a turbocharged engine, will go for $21,999, and we are expecting the sport version to be priced around $23,999 with a new four-wheel-drive system.

You can check out all the latest information about the Eclipse on the Mitsuba’s official website, and check out some more photos from the new Eclipse here.

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