Mitsubishi’s 2000 GT will be named after the legendary racer from 1999

Mitsubishis 2000 GT is getting a little homage to the famous 1999 Mitsubisheris racer, the Mitsubiseris 2000.

The car, currently being developed at the company’s new Detroit, Michigan headquarters, will be nicknamed “2000 GT,” a name that is also being given to the new Mitsubis X-Treme, a hybrid car Mitsubischotecs prototype that the company has developed.

The 2000 GT was Mitsubi’s last supercar.

It was Mitsuba’s most successful and most successful entry into the supercar category, with sales of over 50,000 units and a sales of more than 50 million.

In addition to the name change, the car will get an upgraded version of the “2000” badge.

The badge has been on the front of the car since its first model, and it will feature an “X” in the middle of it to show the brand’s new brand, Mitsubisha.

This is Mitsubichi’s second model to get the “X-Trem” badge, with the first being the 2001 Mitsubusteris.

The car’s badge will be on the rear of the front bumper.

The new Mitsuba GT will go on sale later this year, and will be offered in three trim levels: the basic model, the top-level GTX model, which retails for $26,000, and the Sport GT model, for which it will cost $30,000.

It will also be available in a two-door sedan with a 3.0L turbocharged engine, and a three-door hatchback with a 6.5L turbocharger.

The basic model is expected to cost $25,000 and the GTX is expected at $30.

The Sport GT is expected between $30 and $40, while the top level GTX will go for $45,000 to $50,000 depending on trim level.

The sedan will be available with a six-speed manual transmission.

The Mitsubias new X-treme will have a three point safety system that will be standard on all of its models.

The system, known as a “steering assist,” will work as a brake, accelerator, and steering wheel assist.

The system also includes an optional adaptive cruise control.

The steering wheel will be positioned on the driver’s left side of the dashboard and the driver will be able to use the touchscreen to select between various functions.

The X-tuning system also features an adaptive cruise system that works like a cruise control, allowing the driver to accelerate or decelerate by themselves.

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